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ClearView International is a leading Financial and Business Management consultancy specializing in streamlining and transforming small to medium-sized businesses in order to achieve accelerated growth. ClearView’s expertise spans across Strategy Development, Operational and Financial Management, ERP Implementation, Business Analytics, Leadership & People Development, Legal and M&A. We offer Consultancy Services for both long and short-term projects; our programmes are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of our clients.

In addition, we offer our unique and proprietary offering, the “Company HealthCheck Service”, which provides our clients with high-level financial analysis of their business and highlights areas of short and long-term concerns. We also specialize in ERP consultancy and implementation and conduct finance and business management courses for SMEs, CEOs and top finance/management professionals.

Working with ClearView means working with Ramesh Touraney, the company’s Founder and CEO.  Ramesh is a practical and results-orientated Finance Consultant & Business Management expert with over 25 years of experience of working as a COO/CFO in diverse and multi-cultural environments. 


Ramesh is an expert in developing Strategy, Operational and Financial Management, Financial Software & Business Analytics, Leadership Development & People Management, Taxation, Legal and M&A.

His widespread experience covers a range of industries including Technology Services and Software, Petro-Chemicals, Manufacturing, and General Trading. In his work across multiple sectors, he has spearheaded the growth of start-ups.

Ramesh also conducts Finance & Business Management Courses for SME’s and private family business owners, CEOs & top finance professionals.


As a COO with a CFO background, Ramesh has engulfed many roles within the business including being the executor, the troubleshooter, the change agent, the partner to the CEO and business leaders and advisor to the Board or founders of the business.

He is strong-minded, cares about the business and has the ability to strategize clearly, plan, lead, coach and manage cross-cultural and functional teams. Ramesh has transformed businesses, processes, teams and most things that are broken or cannot be fixed internally.

We recruited Ramesh into ACS to quickly create a structured organization and turn the chaos into relative order. I very much enjoyed his approach of no-nonsense and he certainly is walking the talk. He is very clear in his communication and what he expects of his environment. I can definitely recommend him for similar environments where he can build an organization.

Ted Meulenkamp
Director Global Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition

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