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We recruited Ramesh into ACS to quickly create a structured organization and turn the chaos into relative order. I very much enjoyed his approach of no-nonsense and he certainly is walking the talk. He is very clear in his communication and what he expects of his environment. I can definitely recommend him for similar environments where he can build an organization.

Ted Meulenkamp
Director Global Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition

Ramesh is a highly experienced FD. He had extensive experience of both Finance operations and processes as well as having a very strong commercial acumen and was very much involved in all of our deals. He had line responsibility for the entire European Finance team as well as Facilities. He has a strong bias for action and delivery is paramount to him. He enjoys a fast-moving environment and can easily manage ambiguity. I would not hesitate to recommend Ramesh to any future employer.

Rae Avatar Barnett
HR Director, Centrica's Field Operations

I’ve worked with Ramesh at two different companies to date. He is an outstanding manager, both financial matters and otherwise. In both companies in which I worked with Ramesh he proved himself to be a “change agent” who took over a disorganized EMEA region and straightened it out, implementing controls and compliance processes that are essential for a multinational to survive. He is a great person to have as a colleague.

Bob Robinson
Vice President & General Counsel, Sparta Systems

Ramesh is strong leader, with an excellent ability to communicate his requirements and expectations of you. He recognizes both good team work and individual contributions and will share equally in both your success and failure.

Adrian Turner
International Finance Director , Guidewire

I liked to work with Ramesh as he’s a very professional, smart, visionary and competent CFO. He made the effort to not only think and act within his immediate area of expertise but also to look across the fence while trying to improve interaction and collaboration with other parts of the organization like IT. Ramesh is open, clear and direct in his communication, which made it easy to work with him. I got to know Ramesh as a very hard-working individual, applying human values and with a good sense of humor.

Herbert Fuchs
CIO / CDO executive

Ramesh is not someone you will forget in a long time. Ramesh was my supervisor and mentor. I learned immense lessons and have had an absolutely fun time working with him. He is precise, fair and thorough and an excellent time-management expert. His expertise in the field of finance, IT, People Management and overall business acumen is an asset for any organization that is associated with Ramesh. Given an opportunity ever again, I would love to be a part of his team. No second thought. He is an invaluable asset you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to be with.

Sandhya Suri
Project Awareness

Ramesh is a professional who is a team player and likes to work with defined structures in place. Working with him has been a pleasure where in he believes in en powering his team and coaching you to continuously improve. I wish him all the best!

Roy Chatterjee

Ramesh started as a consultant to Emel & we rapidly decided to invite him to become COO of our family business. He was the catalyst & gave direction to changing our unstructured family business into an organized company. He introduced a culture of accountability & organized management. He also played an important role in guiding the strategy & vision of the company. Ramesh is guided by giving his best & what is best for the company. I wholeheartedly recommend Ramesh to anyone who is looking for a senior executive to develop their business.

Naresh Asnani
CEO, Emel group

Ramesh has the skills of a watchdog to your organisation. He will sniff out the waste, plug the leaks and provide diagnostics tools and recommendations to enable the business to operate as a derisked enterprise. His training masterclasses are par excellence and provide real world solutions to problems.

Prasun Banerjee
Managing Director, Global Appliances Nigeria Ltd .Binatone.

Ramesh knows his subject extremely well. The Balance Sheet Deep Drive, especially its Dashboard, is a useful and effective tool to manage business efficiently. His enthusiasm for the simple science of financial management is infectious and his insights proved invaluable.

CA Siddharth Agarwal
Finance Professional (CFO, FD, FC)

The course was a timely refresher for me after being out of college for many years. Ramesh is an excellent orator and kept the audience interested in a subject that many consider to be dull. I gained few excellent tools to use whenever reading a financial statement.

Vinod D Ganglani
Managing Director, Samstar Nigeria Limited

I have worked with Mr. Ramesh in two organization, he is a great leader and a highly professional person. He is an expert of process improvement, business planning, and team building. He is always very supportive and prompt, I found him always a fair and excellent decision maker in any situation.

Mahesh Sharma
Chief Information Officer, EG Constructions

Ramesh is a competent and professional individual. I enjoy working with him as his pleasant disposition makes him very approachable. He is able to see the big picture as well as the detail in projects. Ramesh’s flair for work and play comes from his diverse background, having lived in many parts of the world. I highly recommend Ramesh in an international finance director role. He has integrity and is someone you can trust.

Sylvia Fernandes
Founder & CEO , VIA Frontiers Pte Ltd

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